Jun 22, 2009

Frozen Flowers, My Wife Got Married, Naked Kitchen

Watched 3 Korean movies yesterday (thanks to fast forward button), which mostly convey the issue of loyalty and infidelity, trust and betrayal, love and jealousy...

The Naked Kitchen
She grew up alongside him, who always cared for and protected her. She married him. She never knew another man apart from him. Years after marriage, she met this guy and he kissed her. She said he tasted strange, it makes her wonder... It doesn't make matter easier when the guy is none other than the guy her husband asked to move in with them to help him with his new restaurant business. So, does she truly love her husband? or does she feel only indebted and grateful? IDK, I don't understand the ending....

My Wife Got Married

Haha... If man can be in love with 2 persons at the same time and can have a life together with those 2 persons also at the same time, why can't a woman? That's what she questioned and tried. If this is real, what a wonderful, rare, special woman she must have been for two men to go along with her ways. Then, trouble abounds when she's pregnant, who is the biological father? She wouldn't go along with DNA testing when her daughter is born, for to do that will alienate one of the guys. But really, will the ego of men can sustain all this?

Frozen Flower

I can't remember my first notice of Jo Jin Moo, is it 200 Pounds of Beauty or is it Fashion 70's? He's not such a great actor per se, but there's just something about him....hmmmm, maybe potential to be the next Jang Dong Gun? Then, there's Jo In Sung, i'm kinda like him after Memories of Bali, such a pathetic poor soul he potrayed there. Anyway, was excited when i saw the poster of this movie, can't wait for the dvd to be available or maybe for it to be at mysoju...

Sigh! That's why you shouldn't put your expectation to high, cause when reality landed the distance was great and you hurt your bottom tremendously (haha... too much Anne Shirley). When I saw the picture I thought at first, like usual the girl came in between the two leading man. It's a love triangle alright but it's In Sung's character that was pulled in both direction. Oh yeah! viewers should bear in mind that the story is purely fictional.

The Goryeo's King (Joo Jin Mo) was under pressure by the China's Yuan Dynasty to produce an heir, or else the Yuan Dynasty will appoint a crown prince of their own for Goryeo. The Goryeo King do have a lovely queen and several concubines but none of them are producing as he never touched them; he swings in another direction. The love of his life ever since he was just a young prince is none other than his chief bodyguard Hong Lim (Jo In Sung).
Alas, what else is there for him to do, he cannot perform with a woman and no one he can trust more than Hong Lim, so he the king orders Hong Lim to sleep with his wife - the queen (Song Ji Hyo). This idea is based on his assumption that all his political problems will go away once there is a royal son.

Hong Lim who never knew any bed partner except for his king, founds himself totally enslaved by the Queen's charms. Oh yeah, they were both feeling dreadful and hesitant at first, but after the 2nd or is it the 3rd bedding ritual, the attraction was more than they could resist.

Love triangle established, the plot sprints ahead with a portrayal of the uncontrollable anger and jealousy of the king, leaving heads rolling in the process. I think Hong Lim was only being dutiful and loyal to his King from the start as opposed to having any real romantic feeling. Hong is a mere subordinate, while the king has all the power, including the right to order his death. The queen, for her part, discovers the liberating exhilaration when she falls in love with Hong Lim after years of neglect and inattention. She suffers a deep sense of guilt initially but she finds herself indulging in the dangerous liaisons with Hong Lim.

I do like the storyline in a sense, but the movie would have been better where there is more 'feeling' potrayed rather than 'action'; I want more emotional-thoughtful state of the parties involved! JJM showed better acting than Jo In Sung with his popped vein and all; JIS is like a beautiful robot who showed no feelings. How much does Song Ji Hyo get paid for this movie I wonder, will this brought forward more movie offers or repulsed the audience of her acting, *shrug* doesn't matter, never really like her anyway before (not that I dislike her, just 'not' like). So the movie was first Brokeback Mountain and turned into star-crossed lover alike Romeo and Juliet, doomed to end tragically.....

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