Jun 10, 2009

In Life and Death

It's been 3 mths since I last blogged about korean drama that I had watched! Wow! Does that mean that in these 3 mths I had not watched from start to finish a single drama???? Well, I can blame it on the long winded East of Eden...been checking the cd-shops for East of Eden Vol.3 but so far in vain. Last week then I found Kingdom of The Winds Vol.1 and bought it without hesitation! Hah...let the other movies, dramas, novels collecting dust... 2 episodes remain for me to watch. Hmmm...gonna drop by the nearest cd shop later to check if Vol.2 is already on sale ^_^

Love the soundtrack! haha... I like korean sad love song, eventhough the lyrics are simple but the sad melody just touch ur heart

In life and death
by Wheesung

Sarang Haesun Andwel Saram Erago
Saying that you should not love that person

Eje Guman Usu Dolasurago
Saying that you should turn away right now

Meeryun Jocha Nae Dng Ul Dduminun Gabwa
Even lingering emotions push me to leave

Jiwu Nedo Jiwujijiga Anna
Even if I try, I can't wash you away

Miwu Hedo Miwujijiha Anna
Even if I try, I can't hate you

Guriumman Duhae Ganungul
I just miss you more and more...

Nurul Saranghamyunsu
When I'm in love with you

Nan Nul Wihe Apado
I can fall ill for you

Sumdo Mot Shil Mankum Himi Gyupjiman
I can't even breathe because it's so hard but

Chunbun Manbun Teunado Ddodashi Nul Saranghae
Even if I was to resurrect thousands of times, I will love you again

Guju Nu Upsin Andwe Nan Andwe Oh Nae Sarang
I can't be without you, I can't be, oh my love

Nul Muli Itda Haedo Nun Euarowu Ma
Even if you are far away, don't be lonely

Salado Jugudo Nae Maumun
In life and death,

Hangsang Ne Gyutte Nama Itsul Tenikan
My heart will always by your side

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