Mar 14, 2010

Grey's Anatomy S6

Out of the blue (I passed that age/era where I keep up to date with the western celebrities' life)my fingers tune in to Entertainment Weekly; Izzie Stevens will no longer returning to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as Katherine Heigl has been release from her contract. Yeah kinda expected that as there's no stories development for her except she survived cancer and left her husband who won't take her back because he deserves better than a-wife-who-thinks-he-only-merits-a-note.

Well, even the best (ahem... not that I claimed to be a "best") must eat our words. Didn't I wrote before that I won't be watching Grey's anymore because there was no George? Again, my curiousity get the better of me. I wanna see how the remaining cast will cope with the death of George, how many more episodes will he be remembered? Not many, I think... I forgot to count hehe...

I was planning to stop downloading, but the merger with Mercy West, and the new residents got my curiousity going to watch more. Now I think I watched till episodes 15, hmmm... yes, the Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse William) is "pretty" as he called himself, but there's still no umph in his character so does Dr. Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner) with her big bambi eyes staring at Karev (the other two residents irritating!) ... but I still miss George with his 'dorky' ways... sigh! we'll see if we continue watching...
Jesse Williams
Nora Zehetner

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