Apr 28, 2010

Love Me Not

Have no opinion about Moon Geun Young before cause I think with her childlike face she had limited characters to choose from but then she blow me away with her Eun Jo in Cinderella's Sister (will talk about this in another posts when I finished watching the drama). So when I saw her earlier movie in the dvd shop I just have to buy it.

The story first started with Julian who just got out of jail for something that we were never told. Anyway, one of his men was dead in a car accident and only one of his remaining hunchmen was there to greet him. Julian was a manager for a night club, but he has ambitioned to become his own man and managing his own business so he loaned a huge sum of money from a loan shark. But now his own boss founds out he wants to go out on his own and his business venture went up in smoke. To top it off the loan shark only gave him a month to pay off or else it was be his life cut off short. He tries to lure money telling sappy story from his rich female customers/lovers but only comes up with small change.

Then, he found out that his guy that died in the car accident was the heir of a fortune whose father also dies recently. So there he went to claimed to be the long lost runaway son. Luck was on his side when the only family relative that can identify he's a fraud or not is the sister, Min who had turned blind because of some kind of tumour.

There the two lonely, coldhearted souls met, understand each other and fall in love. I think Min had guessed that he's not truly her oppa but let the charade continues on because like she told her aide, she likes him. But when all the lies laid on the open, she had to send him away - with a fair sum of money to pay off his debts.....

Will he continue with his past life???? What about Min whose tumour has return again endangering her life... will she survive another surgery???? Truth to tell I know how the story ends but I don't know...somehow the end of the end I don't really understand.

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