Apr 21, 2010

You're Beautiful

Finally, I finished watching these drama. I was up to date streamwatching it several months ago, but worklife happens and I got behind and has to console myself with reading the recaps at dramabeans. (But now no more reading recaps before watching the drama! I'll try to restrain my curiousity). The reason I manage to finished it after much debating with myself I finally bought the boxset eventhough I have the downloaded episodes in my hard disk, hehe.. if I'm infront of the pc, the internet connection distracting me from fully concentrating in watching.

Anyhow back to the series Go Min Nyo has lived a sheltered life in a chapel/orphanaged - a soon to be nun in training (I don't know to be a nun you also need to be train...). Her life changed when her twin brother's agent approached her and beg her for her brother's sake to stand in as her brother, Go Mi Nam. See, Go Mi Nam is an aspired singer and just his luck as a popular boyband A.N.Jell casts him as another lead singer of the group, he had a bothched eye job. Min Nyo might not considered the charade if the agent did not mentioned that one of the reason her brother is chasing fame is to find their unknown mother.

At first it was just signing the contract but one thing lead to another; she had to live in the same house as the other three male members, performed on stage, records her own single... The other three male members are Hwang Tae Kyung - the surly, egoistict but still popular among the girls (teenagers love bad boy image); Kang Shin Woo - the kind, calm and understanding guy and Jeremy - cute, adorable, happy-go-lucky.

Kang Shin Woo was the first to finds out she was a she because he was the quiet and observant kinda guy, so he sorta put 2-and-2 together and at times help her to keep her disguise without her knowing. Then, Tae Kyung finds out accidently and threatened to expose her for the fraud she is but underneath that gruff exterior actually beats a softie heart. He keeps on saying fine, go ahead with her charade but don't involve him; he doesn't care if she was found out or not - but he's a liar cause he did go to the trouble to protect her even pretending to be the boyfriend of an actress he does not like.

To cut the synopsis short all the three members fall for Mi Nyo (why? I even wondered that), even Jeremy who really thought Mi Nyo is a guy and was in agony because of it. However it was clear where the winds blow...

If it was me who will I choose? Though I found Jeremy is sooo adorable, but he's not a candidate for a life partner; not only he was a bit slow on the uptake but who would want to marry a child? I do want Jeremy's "treasure bus" though, if only it was possible to leave every bad thoughts, anger and worries behind and only focused on the positive things in life. My kinda "treasure bus" is my room; my bed but the thing is it's kinda opposite of Jeremy's - for mine when I'm in it I can forget the world and the worries but when I leave it, they all returns to hound my small brain.

Shin Woo? Yeah, he's kind and thoughtful and romantic but it's kinda irritating overtime don't you think? I probably shake him when he's slow to act... Stop looking at the world! Live it!
not a fan of pigly things but this pig-rabbit is kinda cute aint it?

Tae Kyung? Hmmm... yea he's mr.grumpy and arrogant to the hilt with an ego the size of mountain, but he's close to real life person as it is. What important is not the sound he made but the cares he gave. But still, I will not tolerate his condecending tone like Mi Nyo did; huh! give me a permission to become his fan...puhlease! Am not your door mat or someone to boost up your sense of self-importance, I will give as much as I got... but that what makes a relationship alive and interesting isn't it, a fair share of giving and taking...

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
Park Shin Hye as Go Min Nyo/Mi Nam
Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
UEE as Yoo He Yi

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staples said...

Haha! I love "You're Beautiful," too! Even though I never really wondered why all three guys randomly fell for her (since they all had different reasons for it), I totally agree with the whole "I wouldn't be able to stand the way Taekyung speaks to Go Mi Nam" thing. I mean, it's really cute to watch him be all gruff and what-not on the screen, but in real life, that would be SO ANNOYING!

This is the first time I've seen this blog, it's really cool! I have one kinda like it, if you want to check it out. . .