Oct 16, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Pre-post

Currently watching this drama (among others) and gosh! I can't wait for the continuition... thank gods I've found a site that subs quickly!

So basicly Sungkyunkwan is a university of the Joseon era... for men only! and Yoo Hee impersonating her brother ends up enrolling in there along with the uptight self-righteous Suh Joon, who is also her roomate with another devil-may-care guy Moon Jae Shin. The room next to them occupied solely by the cheeky Go Yong Ha.
So I really found Park Min Young cute in I am Sam, and I don't think she overact her gender-impersonation too much (but she was tooo cute that for someone in reality to not suspect her true gender - that person must be dense!).
Then there is Micky Yoochun who seems so wooden at first but as the episode goes on you kinda started falling for him and he started to get more handsomer.
Yoo Ah In, I don't know why there so many Moony faction at dramabeans, yeah I like his character and his crush on Yoon Hee is so adorable, but much am I always rooting for the second guy, but now I'm rooting for Suh Joon (kiss her/him already!).
And last but not least the cheeky, mischievious, mysterious Go Yong Ha...how can you not find him cute (though a bit annoying)? Sigh!.... Wish I can fast forward the days.... I wanna knw how the story ends. Hehe...if it's in english or malay, would have bought the novels already!

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