Nov 19, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

I'm not really anticipating this drama when I first heard about it but after watching the first 3 episodes I was hooked. Keep checking if everyday on the hour if the subtitles are ready and thankfully I found another site that subs it quickly like 5 days after the show then the subs is thankful! To all subbers everywhere god bless you and may your good deeds be rewarded a thousandfold.

The last two episodes I had two wait like 2 weeks after the episodes' aired, not because of the subbers become tardy :( but I was outstation for a week and the hotel I stayed a does not provide free internet (Internet cost GBP15 per day - like I'm gonna waste my precious money on that and furthermore think of it as the practice time for me to stretch my patience level). And I was also very tired every day, with my bodyclock still not used to the different timezone, so I had stamina to stay up for 1 episode of We Got Married before sleep claimed me so it really was gonna be a waste of GBP 15.

I can't remember what I write in my prepost of SKKS. Did I write of how much I adore the Jalgeum Quartet? the handsome Sun Joon, the charismatic Jae Shin, the cute Yong Ha an d Yoon Hee... I don't know really what addicted me to this drama, because maybe you don't know where the story gonna lead so you just wanna keep on going watching the next episode to the next... and even though it's not historically correct to have the female status raised during that era, you just kinda hoping that the drama make a fantasy-turn that Joseon era was the first to recognized that the female species do have a brain too.

Anyway what I wanna say was the last two episode was a let down for me, too many ties unravel quickly while some completely dissolves into thin air... I know that they are not the main character but still I'm curious how they end up... "End it up yourselves in your head"? Hello... if I do that then I don't need to wait for 2 months and a half for the drama to air from start to finish, just watched the first few episodes to get the story premises and get your own storyline continuation and ending in your head. Hmph!!

Like what was that Yoon Hee was also teaching at SKKS alongside her husband, Sun Joon; and her students seems to have a crush on her thats leads to Sun Joon's jealousy but she was still using her brother's name?!

Then Jae Shin was like a police detective? I though he would be more productive in the political side. Though his hiccups against the female is still cute as well as ..."it may become a habit" speech.

Or Yong Ha, a merchant (and a playboy still ^^) after all the pains to get into SKKS and get the "noble" education? Arghhh....

I have no strong feeling for the character Ha In Soo played by Ha Ji Won's younger brother... enough with the glaring already! It does not make me scared of you or even hate you, so get more acting lesson (hehe...that was mean), but I wish that he have a closure like somehow Cho Sun opens up her heart to the possibility that he's a decent man if he had a decent upringing.

Do I wish for a sequel for this drama? not really because I fear that they won't be as fun as this one... :(

p/s: What I found 'funny' was my sister was so addicted to the drama that even after she finished watching the entire drama she's doing rerun all over again... I try to get her to copy other drama in my hard drive to her brand new one (that she bought just because she want to watch SKKS too at the same time I wanna watch the dramassss in my hard drive and watch it but she was not interested...not hooked like she was with SKKS. was irritating she asked every day if the subs for the new episode are there yet when I told her repeatedly already the day when we can expect the subs to be ready tsktsktsk...

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