Nov 19, 2010

We Got Married (Season 1)

It's a korea variety/entertainment show, in case you don't know. I started to watch the first eight episodes months ago; after I finished watching Pasta but then I stopped because the most romantic couple with the most possibilities was just reconciling again after a brief separation and their awkwardness towards each other were not as cute as before. Then I started watching it again after watching Playful Kiss because I found Kim Hyun Joong robot-like character so cute in that drama (unlike his character that I've seen so far in BBF) and wonder if his true character has any similarities with Baek Seung Jo. Yeah, he's the same robot as in that drama but with more cuteness; he's blunt and a bit sarcastic methink.

So anyway, the show basically a match-maker of celebrities whereby the celebrities that they match together had to enter a make-believe marriage (I think for 2 days in a week). For starter they had 4 couples; Andy (Singer) and Solbi (Singer), Seo In Young (Singer) and Crown J (Singer), Alex (Singer and Actor) and Shinae (Model and Actress) and HyungDon (Comedian) and Saori (?).

Andy and Solbi was so sweet together although with Solbi the more aggressive one and Andy the shy guy.

In Young and Crown J both with strong personalities and high taste in fashion and posssession but with Crown J being the most considerate one and seems willing to take a step back for In Young, their marriage survive (the longest if I'm not mistaken compare to other couple).

Then there's the romantic Alex with the shy and reserved Shinae, there's attraction there I think but somehow in real life it just didn't work out, Shinae married another guy.

Saori and HyungDon marriage were doomed to fail - I find Saori cutesy voice and attitude irritating (I dont know why I can tolerate In Young bitchy one compare to her) but even more so if I have a husband like HyungDon too I will cry divorce the first chance I get. I applaud her for sticking through it for that much episodes at all. I think they do research on each couple on who will be most compatible with whom, for I think if they try to match In Young with Hyung Don fo
r sure they will be war world 3 and somehow even Solbi or Shinae with Crown J wouldn't be so right.

After the 'divorce' of HyungDon and Saori and 'separation' of Alex and Shinae (due to Alex's busy schedule) they introduce 2 more couple; Hwi Jae (host/MC) with Jo Yeo Jeong (actress) and Kim Hyun Joong (singer and actor) and Hwang Bo (singer).

Not much fun watching the first couple, wonder if that's why their married life was so short...there's no divorce or anything shown just that they are not there anymore and Hwi Jae become the MC of the show again. But Hyun Joong and Hwangbo were a barrel of laughs to watch. I don't want to say much, if you're curious to know more watch it yourself (though I don't know where you can find it; I got the hardsubbed video from my beloved niece who got it from her friend).

I brought my sister's mini laptop during my work trip to London and's not for work. It's for me to watch videos I have in my hardisc. I do think the other airplane passenger's (to and from London) thought I'm weird, you have many available movies and shows to select from the airplane's show list but I went to the trouble getting my laptop out, connecting the hardisc and the earphones just to watch this entertainment show. I did try to control my laughter so that I would not call out more attention, so I did hope I didn't really laugh out loud, it's just so funny. You see I do finds sitcom like Friends, Big Bang Theory and so on, funny - but it's just merit a smile from me, but korean entertainment show makes me laugh.

But alas the battery for the laptop only last for around 2 hours and it's 16 hours flight. Arghh!!! why did RBA's planes don't have electrical socket like some of the plane I'd been on like Cathay Pacific? At the remaining time, I watched the available movie on the plane and ended up falling asleep.... zzzzzzzzzzzz. When we stop for an hour transit at Dubai, I was lugging my laptop and the wires around, hoping I had the chance to recharge the battery while waiting for boarding again, but double-arghhh! at the boarding-waiting area, they don't have socket also! I guess I was scowling or pouting and my collegue asked me whats wrong and I told her, she laughed outloud, she recommended a movie to watch on board said it was funny, but still I fall asleep - bored. I even make a tsking sound when the steward was asking me if have the seatbelt on underneath the blanket when there's trubulence; that's how surly I am that I am rude to the man who's just doing his job... I guess the cabin crew must have gotten used to cranky passengers right? It's a long flight that I had to endure in a crampy seat, with nothing interesting to do... and there's two small children who's bawling their hearts out at the seat infront of me. I am grateful though that I did not have to be tested with smelly odour...

I digress again, rambling....

Back to Kim Hyun Joong, if the age gap is not so big between him and Hwang Bo, I MIGHT wish that they can be more emotionally invested in their 'relationship' (I capitalized the might there in case I want him for myself hahaha!)


Truthfully, I've no intention of blogging that I've watched this show at first, but last night I watched the episode where each couple were given a choice if they want to continue be in the show or not. They were not given the oppurtunity to confer with their partner but both partners must be willing to continue for them to continue. Maybe reading wikipedia of the show a long time ago, spoil my surprise of who will continue but still I'm crying my eyes out for Andy and Solbi (Most people -female, though I'm not sure of Hwang Bo- in the show were not dry eyed watching it I think). They both bow out. I think it's not surprising that they both want out because although the show said In Young and Crown J were the most realistic couple but it seems Andy and Solbi were more invested emotionally in their fake-marriage; so before they fell any deeper they would like to crawl out now while they still can. Any rational people would do that right? See if the 'the ties that bound' are still there without the camera... and if it does, pursue it; if it don't then it don't.

Then, for when the Lettuce couple bow-out in the much later episodes, yeah I'm not that teary-eyed... I do smiles though that they make a promise not to do the same thing with their future-real-spouses because it would remind them of their 'brief-fake-marriage' and it's kinda funny for Kim Hyun Joong later drama his honeymoon island is Cheju Island... don't Korea have other beautiful domestic honeymoon destination? Sigh! But it's okay, it's a drama-honeymoon not a real one... for our honeymoon's lets go to Prince Edward Island.... wakaka! hey, a girl can dream right?

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