Jan 29, 2011

Heaven's Postman

The dvd catch my eyes when I was rushing through the shops at Limbang, had only seconds reading the synopsis at the back..before I put it back on the shelf and dashed ahead. I made a mental note to look for it at the local stores someday. And last night while after a late-night duty shift, stop by the nearest dept store to buy grocery and what the heck went inside the cd store... ending up buying 2 movies and 2AM cd ^^
The movie first brought us to large grassy field where a red post box was located. This is a special post box; letters were posted here by loved ones for their loved ones who has departed. ( I wonder where and how do all these people who posted those letters know of the existence of this special post box????). This was where Jo Ha Na (Han Hyo Joo) first met Shin Jae Joon (Hero Jaejoong) when she was posting a letter to her dead boyfriend. He introduced himself as a ghost whose duty was to delivers those letter to the dead. Ha Na laughed it off, she didn't buy it and asked him to shows her proof like fly or something to the sky. She chased him all the way to a cafe where he read the letters he's supposed to deliver. He said among all the letters that was posted one was different; an angry letter to the dead - isn't that cruel he said to said cruel things to the dead? And the one who wrote that letter was her. She defend herself by saying, so by being dead it's automatic that all is forgiven? I agree with her, that being dead does not erase all your bad deeds from others' memories. Yes the dead cannot defend themselves; but what she's doing was just writing a letter to him - not broadcasting it to the world of his bad deeds - so she's not really a bad person.

She asked if the waitress there can see him and the waitress said yes; confirming her belief that Jae Joon was just pulling her leg. He offers her job as his assistance doing errands to help the remained loved ones to let go and regain peace. She rejected it at first but later on after she couldn't find any job decided to accept the job.

Together they helped others healed the pained of being left behind, of forgiving themselves and goes on with life... and as expected they fall for each other. The thing is, Jae Joon is not really a ghost since he's technically not dead - he's more like a spirit that let loose from the body and the only people who can see him is the people who had not let go of their loved ones that had departed... and Ha Na is letting go of her dead boyfriend and thus her vision of Jae Joon is getting blurry... I was like NOOOOO! don't give me a bad ending movie!!!! I'm not in the mood to have a sad ending......

I don't really find Hero Jaejoong handsome but those wide shoulders.... or is it the kinda of clothes he wore in this movie make his shoulders so wide.
Next Song Joong Ki's movie though it involved dogs but it appears to be light-herated comedy...

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