Apr 7, 2011

Hunger Games Trilogy

When did I borrow this books from my niece ah? I can't remember, but I borrowed it for the purpose of elevating my boredom when manning a booth for some fair which I can't recall what, was it the recent Islamic Tourism Exhibition? Well, I finished off the first book while vacationing in Korea, mostly I read while on the plane or bus - cause when we reached the hotel room I crashed on the bed - slept, only after a brief nap then I had energy to eat, watch tv, pack or wash my hair; which remind me I need to wash my hair later! Then, the second book the day before I'm went back to work and would've finished the third soon after that if I didn't save a few chapters for my last shift at the above mentioned expo yesterday. I wouldn't be able to rein in my patience of finishing the book if my curiosity didn't overwhelmed me after I finished the first book and I peek in several last pages of Mockingjay to see whose name was mentioned in most of the pages hehe....

As it turned out, I was so busy giving away freebies the whole morning that I couldn't even manage to get the book out of my bag. Darn B%^*#ians with their freebies... sometimes they wouldn't really wanted the thing but they just sapu... What irritate me during my last shift was they were hordes of school children came with their teachers herding them, so I purposely brought some mouse pad and fan for the schoolchildren - though some of the uniforms people on duty also comes by wanting one or two for themselves. Anyway, we had only so much stock and there's a limit on what I can carry, so in no time at all... I'm all out of stock except for the pens. Then this teacher comes by asking for a mousepad, I said all gone... and she went whining "Aiii...nda tah ku ampit" so??? it's not the end of the world kali ah... you won't die... thats the words running in my head. Then one of her students mengalah gave her her mousepad, "Nah 'cher" she said, and the teacher just simply put it her handbag. I was like OooooooMmmmmmGgggggg... well, I salute the student, for being so kindhearted and well I know teachers are the highest profession that should be respected, so yeah she should value her teacher... but the teacher for accepting it without so much as "eh nda payah tah... biar tia for you"

Okay back to the book before I rant some more on some ppabo people. My intention -before I get sidetracked to ranting -on mentioning the expo was because I put the first book in my bag during the expo with a bottle of mineral water which leaked - I ruin my niece's book so I bought a new one to return to her in Singapore, and when I was paying for the book I thought to myself what the heeck, just buy the second and third book also, to complete my book collection. Anyway the setting was somewhere in the distant future in a land formerly known as U S of A I think - malas to check back the book - where the country was rule by president who reside among the privilege people in the Capitol. They ruled over 12 districts and to rein in control and fear over the districts they hold an annual Hunger Games where the contestant are two children from each districts who must fight in an Arena - to the death. The author said and that she got the idea from flipping thru tv channels and on one channel there was a group of young people competing for money- she thinks - and on the other channel a group of young people in an actual war.

And that what she's trying to convey in her books - I think - of the decaying moral values of civilization today, we could be the people in those books, who thoughts of nothing seeing other people's suffering, taking another lives - survival of the fittest.

I know I will also flipped out like Katniss did if I went through the same thing she did, maybe even much worse. My niece said she didn't like the ending, but I find the ending is just nice... both Gale and Peeta still alive and though she didn't really made a choice, it's what life really is... the decision just fall into place on its own. Yeah, at first I don't like Katniss's 'confusion' state, Peeta or Gale, Gale or Peeta; then okay cut her some slacks she's in her teens and yeah even me in my old age I'm not sure what I want either... but before the her second reaping she did chose Gale though what her heart's want doesn't really matter because she intend not to marry and bring an innocent child into the harsh world - which I salute her for... why bring in more misery for a moment respite?

I like the conversation Katniss eavesdropped Peeta and Gale had when they tried to get into the Capitol, in which Gale admitted on how much Peeta loves Katniss in which he gave 'everything' for her... well that what made me fall for Peeta anyway, that he loves unconditionally. I hope I like the guy they would cast as Peeta in the movie...

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