Jan 8, 2009

Yi San Vol. 3

I can't remember the start of Vol.3 since it was about a month ago I started watching this. Been busy with other activities other than watching dvd in my rooms plus this boxset was a tad boring in the middle, so I kinda lost interest in continuing....

Anyway, I think it started with the old King waking up from his coma and with his memory in full capacity. He handed to the Crown Prince to levy punishment on those who scheme to take over the throne. Princess Hwa Wan was striped of her royal status and banished to some remote place, her adopted son, Jeong Hu Kyeom and other nobles who were caught red-handed was sentenced to death by poison while the Queen Jeong Sun was also banished; but only to the remote part of the palace. Then the old King die and the Crown Prince ascended the throne.

King Yi San, establishing himself in the royal court, changing old-handed-down customs and laws - making the the other surviving Noron Nobles fidget in their seats and protest. Like I said...boringly dragging.
Then, things started to get interesting when The Queen Mother appointed a Royal Mistress, the king right handed-man, the man he trusted the most, Secretary Hong's own sister over the candidate Queen Hyo Eui proposed, Son Yeun. The Royal Mistress was so manipulative and petty, to her brother she make it look like everything was the Queen Hyo Eui's fault for her falling out favor later with the Queen Mother, when actually the Queen was such a kind selfless woman that I don't think it's possible that such a kind woman really exist. Hmmm... I remember reading somehere when Han Ji Min (the actress playing Song Yeon) was interviewed, she said is she really was in Song Yeon's shoes, she don't think she can stand it watching the man she love with another woman - no matter how much she love him (or something like that). Yeah... there's just something in this scarce world you just can't share.
Anyway, Secretary Hong started to shows his true colours, although he's loyal still to the king, but there is just no suppressing his ambition and his desire to survive...on top! They say power corrupt people :) its easy to say that you will remain fair and just when you don't have any power, but once you got the power - you have the capacity to manipulate things to make yourself stay in power. The end of the volume, Song Yeon's long lost brother showed up. The baby brother she had to give away for adoption when she was still a kid herself; the one she thought was already dead. He was unjustly framed by someone as being part of the rebels; and Secretary Hong turns a blind eye towards the contradictary evidence, because he has an agenda of his own...

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