Jul 6, 2009

Lost and Found aka Sweet Lie

Ji Ho has a big crush on Min Woo ever since their high school days, but she was a nobody and he was the most sought after boy in school. So her feelings remain known only to her and her bestfriend. Now 10 years later a clumsy TV writer, she still can't get over what she called her first love; she stil has his high school picture in her wallet. After a night of binge-drinking, she wakes up to face the worst day of her life; she got fired, her shoulder bag was snatched, and she was run over by a car when she try to run after the thief. But the chain of unfortunate events turned out to be God-sent present. The man who hit her with the car turns out to be none other than Min Woo! the very man she’s been in love with all these years.
With fast thinking, after she wakes up in the hospital Min Woo has taken her into, she pretends that she doesn’t remember anything and Min-woo is left with no choice but to bring her back home with him.

Ji Ho lives with her brother, the only family she has left but they also have a caring neighbour; her childhood friend Dong-sik. He was worried as Ji-ho doesn’t come home for two days. He goes out on search and miraculously finds her and brings her back home. Learning that Ji-ho is suffering from amnesia after the accident, Dong-sik is determined to help her get her memories back. And then, he got a called that someone found Ji Ho's snatched bag, so he go to get it. When he tries to check if it's really hers or something missing, he saw the picture of Min Woo in her wallet. He somehow connect two-and-two together. So when he saw, Ji Ho with Min Woo again, he declares that Ji Ho is his girlfriend; they have been dating for the past 2 years. Ji Ho although knows this was not true, can't dispute his claim since she was supposed not to remember anything. Min Woo starting to like Ji Ho asked Dong Shik to let her go, since he was the one who could make her happy; Dong Shik was her past, he is her future.

As it turned out, Dong Shik is not really pretending to be Ji Ho boyfriend to annoyed her, and foiled her plans. He really cares for her, ever since they were kids. The day he was supposed to leave to UK to see his father, he sent her his past unsend love letters to her along with other paraphenelias of her growing up. Ji Ho was touched by all this and try to catch him at the airport but he was gone...
Dong Shik told Ji Ho's brother that he didn't fall in love with her because he was always with her, he stays with her because he loves her.
She said she can't think of a moment when she was in love with him (as he always teased and played pranks on her), he said there was not a moment he was not in love with her...

I always thought that it would have been nice to fall in love with your bestfriend, skipped the flirting ritual, the getting to know stages; the part where you try to show only your good sides and hides the unfavorable. Maybe there will be no hidden mysteries that would keep you intrigued but isn't that better rather than being spring up with nasty surprises? Where's my Gilbert Blythe??????????

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