Jul 29, 2009

Rereading Harry Potter

Was watching the latest Harry Potter movie installment a fortnight ago, and it makes me realize that I can remember the storyline of the Philosopher's Stone, Chambers of Secret, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire quite clearly, but the later three - Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hollows, I draw many blanks... So I decided to reread the entire series again during my so called "summer vacation" haha.

The three Weasley brothers

At first I found the movies so gloomy, but somehow after browsing throug some post from bewitchthemind.tumblr.com I rescind my opinion, or maybe reserve it until I found time to rewatch the movies again.In her tumblr (where most of the pics here are taken from), the scene are full of colours. I like most of the casts in the movies, most of it is dead-on of what I imagine them to be like Rupert Grint, Evana Lynch, Emma Watson but some like Daniel Radcliffe...I don't know, in 2001 he was cute but as he grow up he's not a Harry to me...though a midget he still is compare to the other casts.

Evanna Lynch - isn't she simply has out-of-this-world-kinda-look?

Oh yeah, would it be possible to banned those who have not read the books from watching the movie(s)? It's cheating us who had showed support and dedication by reading it (and loving it!) but also cheating themselves from knowing the better story by reading it and getting to know the characters better. And it also irked me sometimes to hear words how boring it was and how long was the movie, and they kinda don't get the story... Hulloooooo! exercise your brain, read the books!

Anyway, moving on back to the back to the book, Harry Potter has not lost his magic on me, I still snort with laughter every here and there, wet my pillows for the last four volumes and eventhough I already know the ending and the storyline I can't let go of the book! - I foregone eating, sleeping, facebooking and watching korean drama (17 days of leave and not a single drama watched!). Even now, after finishing Deathly Hollows I feel like I want to start all over again... but sigh! but time is limited, there are other things to do; other novels to read; other dramas/movies to watch,;sleep to catch up on... maybe soon I'll revisit Ron, Hermione and Harry again.

The scene below, always crack me up everytime I read it; Harry's wand in the troll nose, Ron's hanging in the air, in stupor of what he had done... ^_^

Reading it in one go also make me realize the something 'weird' in the story, remember in Philosopher's Stone the three Dursleys was laughing their heads off when dropping Harry for the first time to Platform 9 3 / 4 saying there is no such platform and then in Hallows it showed in Snape's memories where Petunia and her parents were sending Lily off at the Hogwarts Express. Hmmm, maybe Petunia just wanna pretend infront of her husband and son that she dont know nothing whatsoever about a magic school...

I'm not that overly sad when Professor Dumbledore dies, it was not much of a shock really nor does Sirius's, but I was sad thinking about the LIFE of Severus Snape and Sirius Black. Everybody has happy moments in their life, Lupin and Tonks found happiness together though cut short, Fred has a life full of laughter, but Sirius, he had such a sad life, the only happy moments maybe when he was at Hogwarts with his bestfriend. Born in such dark family, then he was framed and spent 12 years in Azkaban, worrying about his god son, and then ending up dead. Whereas Snape, misunderstood, hated, untrusted, though through his own fault, but still ... to have loved someone so deeply, then to continue living as advised by Dumbledore as to continue what his love's has sacrifice herself to protect...

Hehe, there was this friend of mine who after borrowing the three HP's book from the university's library in 2001 I had started calling her Snape - not that she was hateful character as Snape - but I do not know why ... maybe the character Snape linger longer after reading Azkaban then, so since changing her name a few vowel and consonant here and there closer to Snape ...

Anyway, would not it be nice to have a sidekick like Harry? The wise-cracking Ron, who would boost up your mood even during abysmal time. The smart Hermione, who you can depend on no matter how much she was against the idea. Wonder if it was Seamus, Dean or Neville that befriended Harry on his first train ride to Hogwarts then would that person be Harry's bestfriend? Just like Mr Weasley said it was lucky day indeed that Ron decided to sit in the same compartment as Harry during their first Hogwarts Express ride. Yes, we do need to like that person to become friends like the case of Malfoy whom Harry first met, he grate on his nerves. But Harry does not have a problem with his other mates Gryyfindor right? so anyone of them could be his best buddy like Ron does. So do we choose our friend or are we friends by chance? Did I already mentioned that in my favorite character is

Ron? (and maybe a lil' bit of Hermy)

Gred and Forge second and then ...


Oh and I hate how the romance blossomed between Harry and Ginny. For Ron and Hermione, there is a build up from Volume 2, whereas Harry as if hit by bludger noticed Ginny in Vol.6 and Ginny who has a crush on him from the start just easily accept him...

See doesn't this two scene from Chambers a little telling?

Then when Ron's was accidentally poison...
While Harry and Ginny have only this awkward moment on screen. Why couldn't they just use their first kiss from the book?????

And I want to know more about what makes RAB turns side? Surely not only because Kreacher was being mistreated by his master?

There are lots of moral lessons in HP, mostly diced out by Dumbledore.
Philosopher's Stone
-"to the well organized mind, death is but the next adventure. ... humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things which are worst for them"
-"the truth, it is a beautiful and teribble thing and should therefore be treated with great caution"
-"there are all kinds of courage, it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies but just as much to stand up to our friends"

Chamber of Secret
-"which give to show that the best of us must sometimes eat our words'"
-" it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"

haha..after that I was too engrossed reading the book to note down that phrases that I like

Do you realise what repetitive in stories that involve "Prophecy"? By knowing the propecy it makes the prophecy comes true, if only Voldermort does not know about the prophecy he would not hunt down Harry and give him defences involuntarily to defeat him. I remember an old Malay movie about a Queen who never got old and always be beautiful. She gave birth to a son who was prophecised will marry his own birthmother. Shocked, she and her husband order the baby to be killed. However, the person they ordered to do it didn't have the heart to kill such an innocent baby, so if I remebered correctly he just put the baby in a small boat and let the river carry it wherever (which is cruel also! Imagine if nobody found the baby!) However, the baby survived and adopted and grew into a handsome man...and not knowingly marry his own mother. See, if he the Queen didn't basically throw him away and raised him herself, he would know she was his mother and thus making the prophecy false, but because she hears the prophecy, it governs her choice that led to making the prophecy comes true.

To summarize, I love Harry Potter! Haha...that's an understatement. The talented author depict normal people, (except maybe for Dumbledore, if he's real, he might be surpassing Einstein, though as he himself admit he did many mistakes) not perfect - they have their flaws, envy, anger, revenge (not like some other novels that is the talk nowadays with its on movie where the hero is super perfect, super selfless..hmph!)

This would be a perfect birthday gift for me. You can have your turn on Sheldon-Leonard-Howard-Raj's time machine, just give me this....

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