Oct 19, 2009

City Hall (4.5)

Isn't it ironic the reason I hesitate to buy and watch this drama was because not only I'm not a fan of Kim Sun Ah but mostly because I don't think the hero was good looking enough? But now he's the reason I love this drama so much from his expressive eyes to his goofy laugh. Anyway, City Hall as you can deduct from the title revolves around the world of politics (which I have no interest in and clueless about)and include some romantic comedy elements.

Shin Mi Rae is a level 10 civil servant (the lowest level in the hierarchy), at Inju City Hall while Jo Gook is a young elite government official who was raised by a single mother, with the ambition of someday becoming the President of South Korea after he successfully passed all civil service and law exams. He was sent over to Inju City Hall by his mentor to pave the way for this mentor of his to get back to the politics world. He was told to get rid of the current mayor and put his own "puppet" mayor for Inju City.

Shin Mi Rae, learn earlier on that life consists of making choices and the best choice sometimes is to remain neutral and the safe policy to remain in the background. She work her way to support her single mother and lend a hand to whomever needed her help. When she heard that the Bandaegi Paegent organized by the city hall will give a huge sum of money to the winner, she summarize this would be the ideal way to pay off her debt - left by her jerk of ex-boyfriend - and spare some to help the needy ones. Thus, she had to appeal to Jo Gook the new deputy mayor of Inju City who was left in charge of the paegent.

Well, one thing led to another....Shin Mi Rae ended up as the youngest mayor of Inju City, and though Jo Gook and Mi Rae bicker constantly, though they know they have different principles,; huge ravine separating them because of Jo Gook's ambition, they ended up falling in love.

Though I have finished watching the drama, I still wanting to read the episode recaps by dramabeans' guest blogger, but what to do she's currently preoccupied with her nearly coming baby. I'm gonna buy if there's another boxset with better subtitles that the one I've got! cause trying to make sense of what the bad subs means to convey is really irritating!

Name: 차승원 / Cha Seung Won
Birthdate: 1970-Jun-07
Height: 188cm
Weight: 80kg

Not bad for a 40 years old! Read somehwere he got 2 kids and the eldest was 20 years old already! I'm gonna search high and low for his other works (my niece already bought me South of The Border, gonna watch it tomorrow!) cause I simply fall in love in his character here. I was not envious of Kim Sun Ah, for having acted beside Hyun Bin or Gong Yoo before, but now I'm turning Incredible Hulk. Hmm... come to think of it I dont think I've bristled over any actresses starring beside a handsome actor even Jo Hyun Jae. Maybe, because Cha Seung Won seems like a 'man' while the others just a handsome guy. Sigh! are all korean guys as loving as potray in movies and dramas? or is this just another myth? Oh yeah, read also somewhere someone commented his eyes remind them of So Ji Sup, nah....I think he got better eyes!

I like also Mi Rae's best friend and supporter Jung Boo Mi (Jung Soo Young - she always play weird characters), and Choo Sang Mi, the 'lating' opponent of Mi Rae. She has many adorable facial expression and when she cries her heart out, it makes me uncomfortable. Oh yeah she was born on the same date as me also! Now I have found 3 Korean celebrities with same birthday as mine ^_^ The there is Lee Joon Hyuk, Jo Gook's personal assistant, he's also adorable in this drama, wish there was romantic ending for him in this drama also.

I'm trying to find the song that keep playing over the entire dramas but couldnt find it. But these MVs could speak better than the words I written above.

Loving, Loving You - Park Sang Woo

My Heart, I'm Sorry - Lee Ji Hoon

Can You Hear Me _ Tae Yeon

If- Tae Yeon

on a happier note....

Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

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