Oct 21, 2009

Brilliant Legacy @ Shining Inheritance

This could be a modern, korean version of cinderella story. A step mother who mistreated her step daughter when her husband has passed away while protecting and lavishing her own daughter.

But Go Eun Sung is no helpless Cinderella. She don't wait for fairygodmother to conjure her a large coach, beautiful dress and glass shoes nor does she wait for prince charming to find her, recognize her and swept her off her feet. "She work hard for the money, so hard for it honey, she work hard for the money, so you better treat her right!" :D

After her father died, her step-mother, Baek Sung Hee, saying that all her father's asset was used to pay his debts; even their house had to be sold. She gave Eun Sung a small amount of money, for her and her autistics brother, Eun Woo to fare for a little while. She said the room she rented was too small for the four of them.

Just as she was trying to make ends meet, misery come her away again, her younger brother disappears! This wont be much of a spoiler, not long after you'll find out it was because of the step mother. When Eun Woo runs into trouble, he recite his sister's handphone number but at the time someone damaged her phone so she can't be reached, so he recite his stepmom's number. Sung Hee come to take him away, that was then she realised Eun Woo's special capabilities to almost memorize anything, any numbers he had seen or heard. She knew that if she let it be, she'll always be burdened when her stepchildren runs into trouble. So she took him away, far away from Seoul and told him not to say anything or else he wont be able to see his sister again; and left him there.

Despite this heartbreak, Eun Sung preserveres and never gave up, she works hard to find enough money, she works hard to find Eun Woo. Her true friend was also there to help in these trying times; Lee Hye Ri (Min Young Won) and Park Jun Se (Bae So Bin). Although she was also having a hard time, she did not a hesitate herself to help Jang Sook Ja who suffered from temporary amnesia. She was really a president of a large food company and the grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan(Lee Seung Ki), who she crosses many paths before with and were not in good terms because of several misunderstanding.

Jun Se confessed that he had developed stronger feelings for Eun Sung but Eun Sung told him she was not ready, she wants to find her brother first. Jun Se said he will wait, it wont be hard waiting since he's gonna always be by her side anyway. But Eun Sung put in close proximity with Hwan and the misunderstanding cleared, started to develop tender feelings for him when she started to get to know him better, same goes for Hwan . And Hwan got Seung Mi- Eun Sung's step sister- who he kept close because of habits; he knows of her feelings for him but choose to ignore the issue and kept her hanging and hoping (Men!)

It took me a long time to finish this drama not only because it was hectic time (Raya!) but because I know Park Jun Se will be heartbroken in the end. Atypically, the second guy do not went to all means to get the love of his life while second gal;Seung Mi did, she who at first was against her mother's machinations and manipulations went along and even aid her, in her effort to keep Hwan to herself. Maybe, this is what happen in reality, people do bad things not because they want to be mean, but it's just the way to survive. Sung Hee who can't live in poverty anymore, Seung Mi because she think can't live without Hwan... but for Sung Hee to be so creative and strategic... haha I do think it takes a mean-smart-mind... or am I just too complacent, easy to give up, take whatever life throw at me, too lazy to fight that my brain can't conjure up such thinking? Cause I don't claim to be un-mean. HAHAHAHA!
This drama raise Bae So Bin's name that he's offered the lead role in Temptation of Angel - currently airing! But I don't like watching online, the slow buffering! :( then there's You're Beautiful, Smile, Iris and not to mention new season of Supernatural, Heroes, Leverage, Merlin etc. where can I find the time?


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