Dec 2, 2009

Queen Seon Duk Vol 1

Lady Mi Shil (Go Hyun Jung) broke her promise, betray the love of her life, the man who gave her everything and wants nothing in return except her happiness - to gain name and power. She serves King Jinji steadfastly and loyalty and what she got in return? Her ordered her to be put to death when he himself was nearly at death's door, for he could see her greed for power would destroy Shilla and the royal family once he's gone. The thing is, he ordered Mi Shil's lovers to carry out the dirty deed. So they planned to ambush the palace and forced the king to drink poison, alas they were too late, the reaper was already ahead of them so the poison was unnecesary.

Jin Heung was not the chosen heir to the throne, although he was the king's own son. The king passed down the throne to his still young nephew Jin Pyeong but the only one who knew this was Mi Shil. So she went to Jin Heung and strike a deal, she help him to become the king and he would soon make her his queen. Jin Heung agree and was soon enthroned to be the king. However, even after Mi Shil borne him a son, he still refuse to marry her and make her the queen. So Mi Shil abandoned the baby who is no longer usefull to her and began to plot to dethrone Jin Heung and thus making Jin Pyeong the king. However, there is only one glitch in her plan, Jin Pyeong is already married to Princess Maya - him so much younger than her was no even considered an obstacle. So they tried to do away with her but she survived Mi Shil scheme and come back alive heavyly pregnant.

But 'heaven' were on her side then, Princess Maya was carrying a twin and there is a prophecy passed down for hundred of years in Shillla that once a king have twin children than the male line of the royal family will come to an end. So when the moment twin was born the king in order to save his wife and one of his baby girl had to forsake the other twin. He gave her to his personal maid and told her to take the baby away from Shilla so that she can survive too.

Years later....

Mi Shil still look as beautiful as ever, while King Jin Pyeong and Queen Maya aged faster than her, that it seem they were much older than her....

Fudge, its gonna be a long post if I continue to summarize the story. Lets just say the abandoned twin Deok Man come back to Shilla to find who she really is. She posed as a man and become one of the trained Hwarang. She thought no one knew her secret - how could it be possible no one catch on??!! even in this day and age with private washroom and everything it will be hard to posed for a long period of time with person who are you in close proximity of -as in sharing the same room, sleeping beside you.

Anyway, one upon another began to know that she really is a woman, and then they began to find out she was the other princess. So Mi Shil wants her captured as evidence that the Queen does gave birth to twin and thus eliminating the Queen and make it possible for her to take the Queen's seat. I also asked myself, why dont she just simply kill the Queen and make it look like an accident? Haha..then the story will be simple and short and uninteresting. So Deok Man have to run away from the palace, and Yoo Shin accompanied her, since she wasnt really good at defending herself even after years of Hwarang's training.

Anyway, to cut the story short. Yoo Shin know all along that she was a she and even aide her without her knowing to keep her secret so that she can remained by his side. He gave up his family, his tribe and his country for Deok Man. He wished to run so far away and live as common people. However Deok Man didn't, her heart was full of hatred and revenge now after all that Mi Shil had done to her and her family. She wants to weakened Mi Shil power and take over the throne.

Yoo Shin: For me, serving a king requires everything from me and loving you also requires everything from me. But I do not know how to divide my everything. That is why from now personal feelings for you... I am ending my love for you as a man. I can serve you, help you, and lead you, but I cannot love you as a man. I chose you but you chose the throne. That is why I have chosen you as my ruler. Other than that, there's no other way for me to give you my heart so other than that there's no no other way for you to accept my heart. Don't misunderstand. From now on, even though I'm by your side, we cannot give each other comfort as common people. We cannot do that for each other. You said you are afraid to think of me as a pawn on a chessboard, but compared to my suffering your own suffering will be greater.

Haha... if Iwere Deok Man rather than standing like a statue with tears running down my face. I will grab hold of him and tell him I've changed my mind. Lets live like common people. Lets forget the palace and the family I never knew I have. Why does it matter then that my name will not be recorded in history, to me that's not living forever. I only get one life to live, so lets make it as happy as possible, with less strife and struggle just to hold onto a cold hard throne.

Sigh! I knew Yoo Shin ended up marrying someone else later. but its okay, maybe if its someone else other than Uhm Tae Woong I will trully be dissatisfied but I didnt find him as 'yummy' as dramabeans do. And there's Bi Dam, hopefully something flourish there, I like Bi Dam's character - smart and reckless ^_^ I remember I wrote on my previous post that I will wait for the boxset of the next volume. Wont watch it online. But I cant help myself. I dont whether its out of impatience or curiousity. Form the previous 4 paragraphs before this one, I watch the ep. on viikii but now I'm gonna stop - exercise self control; dont wanna end up as a panda. Please come soon Vol.2, or the cds shops will get sick of seeing my face visiting everyday but not buying LoL!


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