Dec 20, 2009

When you're king you can change that...

I first bought the Merlin's dvd because I hate the thought of being cheated even for merely $2. And me being me, always been intrigued by stories of magic, time-travel, life reincarnation and -now because of the twilight frenzy to my embarassment -vampire. So among all the available TV series, Merlin caught my interest as well as Legend of The Seeker but I choose Merlin.

Once I watch Merlin, I kinda like it. Colin Morgan as Merlin was so cute, funnily-sarcastic and dorky, and his smiles are so endearing with a mochievous lit to his eyes. While Prince Arthur though he was a "royal prat" to quote Merlin, he really has a good heart; it shows how much he cares for the people's of camelot and especially for his trusted manservant Merlin that he would risk his life for him
Haha...among the first thing I notice about Bradley James was he had a plump backside but that just it. I continue watching Merlin for the sake of Merlin and Colin Morgan. However, now in season 2, I kinda fall for Prince Arthur too, when he started wearing his heart on his sleeves. First on the Once and Future Queen episode where he started to know Gwen more, than during the Lancelot and Guinevere episode where Lancelot and Arthur came to Gwen rescue (Btw, I'm disappointed with chosen female casts). That was the point where I began to rewatch the first season again and begin to appreciate the camaderie between Merlin and Arthur. If I have to choose now between Merlin and Arthur, I couldnt make up my mind whereas before I would not have to think at all and answered without hesitation, Merlin
Then now, as I was tumblring and surfing the net about the show, the legendary Arthur, Camelot and Merlin. I have come across some site about the "gayness" of the show... and it makes me go urghh! about the dirtiness about some people's mind, how they could see subtext -whether the writer intentionally put them in or not- in the show. But alas, I'm gonna still watch the show, but I think their opinions will gonna ruin my enjoyment of this show. Now, I'm gonna "see" what they "see" also. Why can't men be so close to one another without being thought of as gay?

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