Jan 4, 2010

Wife's Temptation

Yipee! I finally finished watching 129 episodes of Wife's Temptation! I don't know how long it takes me to finished it cause when it gotten me so "argggghhhhh!" I switched to other modes of forget-real-life entertaiment such as english tv series that I had downloaded, current movies and a novel or two....

I try to write a better synopsis than in dramawiki. The drama intertwined the story of 3 families; The Gu family, The Jung family and The Min family. At first, the story of the Min family are separate that there's no linkage with the other 2 families. Anyway, Gu Eun Jae's had to marry Jung Gyo Bin since he impregnanted her. Like he said, at that time he actually trully loves her that he went to all means to made her marry him. But alas his roving playboy eyes evaporates bit by bit with 7 years of marriage and he let Eun Jae be humiliated and treated as an unpaid-maid by his mother who saw her beneath their status because she came from poor family.

Then, her best friend- Shin Ae Ri; the daughter of her parents' best friend that they had treated as if their own daughter came back from Paris. It turns out she was out to get Jung Gyo Bin, she had a 7 year-old son with him! That was like when she and Gyo Bin was newly married! At first, Gyo Bin just wanted to treat her as his many other affairs and maintain Eun Jae as his wife but he's no match to her manipulative mind. So in the end, he divorced Eun Jae and to ensure that his father's wont leave a huge chunk of his inheritance to Eun Jae's unborn child, he threaten to drown her if she wouldnt abort the child. The current was so strong, that he let go of his grip on Eun Jae and like a coward and jerk he was swam to save his life. When Eun Jae was declared committing suicide by drowning herself, he married Ae-Ri.

But Eun Jae didnt drown. She was save by Min Gun Wu who was looking for his adoptive sister who did try to commit suicide by drowning herself. She later met Gun Wu adoptive mother - who sympathize with her story and had a hidden vendetta against the Jung's family herself - who let her assume the identity of her lost daughter Min Soo Hee. Eun Jae remake herself to become a confident successful career woman and shed her humble-housewifey attitude, to get her revenge claws on Gyo Bin and Ae Ri. Then, the story become more complicated when the real Min Soo Hee comes back to life and claim her identity... I wish her mother would just send her to a mental institution!

What makes me go arghhh! is that the evil-characters in this drama, raised hell when something bad happened was done to them, but they didn't realise that they, themselves had done that to another person - but its okay. And when once in awhile it was brought to their attention, they blame others for making them do that! THEY JUST NEVER REPENT AND REGRET THEIR ACTIONS!

The ending, well... I think I cry because of Nino... its a good ending, just satisfactory - it ties all the story. Do I recommend it to another? I think not... I wants to watch it in the first place because people's keeps mentioning it or refering to this drama plus Bae So Bin is gonna be in a drama that a spin-off from this one. Sigh! When will I learnt my lesson?

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