Oct 9, 2009

Tsunami at Heundae (Where had the time gone?)

One of the supernatural powers that I wish to have is the ability to freeze time. How time flies by nowadays even if you're not having fun...its already nearing the last quarter of 2009, and ahead I know busy work schedule awaiting; I had my normal workload, then there is the big national meeting my dept was organizing early Jan next year, the new budget preparation, and finally by tomorrow our hectic preparation for the ministry's hari raya celebration will be done with.

Talking bout the Ministry's Hari Raya preparation, haha for 2 weeks in a row I woke up early, earlier than I normally woke up during normal working days to go to Tamu Kianggeh. Today, met up my collegues at Sheraton by 0730hrs and we went to Kianggeh, done our shopping in jiffy but somehow we went to get breakfast at 0830hrs...hmmm, maybe its the walk from the parking lot to the tamu that takes a lot of time. So arrive at the 0ffice around 9ish and then straight to decoration tasks. Tick tock tick tock, the next time I look at the watch its already 3.30pm and I had to pick up my niece from her tuition class at 4pm. Me and my one remaining collegue start to clean up the mess we had made and I drive like a candidate to F1 to pick up my niece. Haha...I know she wont mind waiting a few minutes, but we had a date to watch the 4pm Tsunami, Korean Movie - but I didnt tell my collegue that...so SHUSH!

Now my right arm hurts cause for more than 12hours I wear that arm-glove-thingie cause my sleeves are short, therefore lack of blood circulation made my arm feels numb, but i still manage to play FB's Treasure Mania and harvest my Farmville, and wrote a few words here hehe... I've been meaning to write abour korean drama Brilliant Inheritance (Bae Soo Bin!) that I have finished watching weeks ago, but couldnt find the time....maybe sometime next week lah. At the moment I'm watching City Hall which I had hesitate to buy at first cause I'm not a fan of Kim Sun Ah and the hero does not look dashing from the cover of the boxset, but heck dont judge the guy by his look alone! haha...I'm falling with his character bit by bit (though his assistant was much cuter), he was this arrogant, ambitious, self-righteous jerk but underneath he's just a softie who dont want to wear his heart on his sleeve. I like that scene when he asked Min Rae if she can handle the truth? He doesn't ask her to go on the overnight trip because to ask her about 'this' but he use 'this' as an excuse to go on a trip with her. More on that later in another post....

Back to the movie, Tsunami starring what some well known actors that I know like Ha Ji Won (What Happened in Bali), Lee Min Ki (Dalja's Spring) and Uhm Jung Hwa (The Man Who Can't Get Married), we saw lots of disaster movies from Hollywood so I was intrigued to see how South Korea would do it. Like most good movies from Korea,Tsunami at was full of drama, comedy, romance and now a disaster scenario.

I think we missed out around 15mins of the beginning of the movie (I'm gonna find the dvd with good subtitles!), but I think it concentrate on Korea's most popuilar beach resort that have around a million visitors each year. The movie revolves around three main couples, there is no hero here just story of people's lives before and after the aftermath, so there's more attention given to the characters and their emotion.

Couple no 1, Choi Man-Shik (Sol Kyung-gu), who lost his best friend at sea during the earlier 2004 tsunami and has never returned to deep-sea fishing since and his deceased friend's daughter Gang Yeon-Heui (Ha Ji-won) who runs a small seaside fish eatery who has been dropping him hints and waiting for him to propose. Though Min Shik also have feelings for Yeon Heui, there something about the 5 years ago tragedy that keeps haunting him.

Couple no 2, Man-Shik's handsome lifeguard brother Hyeong-Shik (Lee Min-Ki) on the other hand, gets more than he bargained for when he rescues drowning university student Hee-Mee (Gang Ye-weon) and has to deal with her crazy stalking ways. Lee Min Ki as always was adorable in his dorky ways....

Couple no 3, a divorce couple, a marine geologist Kim Hwi (Park Jung-hun) tries in vain (it's always the case, isn't it?) to persuade the Disaster Prevention Agency to issue an evacuation following an undersea earthquake that he suspects will trigger a mega-tsunami. He also stumbles upon his ex-wife Lee Yu-Jin (Uhm Jung-Hwa) who's in town with the seven-year-old daughter he has never met.

With so many characters, you feel pushed and pulled with their story, and trying to catch up how one relates to another, and the special effects!, it can really compete with Hollywood's, sitting in the cinema seat I feel like I want to cowered back from the incoming waves or dashed to save the little girl while the huge wave was so near!

And the ending..... I shed a few tears (really just a few!) but my niece had to wipe her face and her eyes are a bit red. The movie will be more umph! I think if they depict how the survivor struggle to survive rather than they were being swept away by the water and then they were on top of a roof waiting to be rescued. And I dont understand how could the couple who are on one of the highest building couldnt survive while the one who just around 4 storey up could? And isnt when you are at sea, you can feel the wave of the tsunami but it was not as huge as it was coming to land? I'll give it a 3.8 stars lah because of the ending...

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