Jul 20, 2008

Jo Hyun Jae - Fare-thy-well

Jo Hyun-jae is joining fellow Three Dads, One Mom star Jae Hee by enlisting for his military service on the same day. Well, it’ll be a second time for JHJ, who was only in training a few days before leaving to film a drama, who now re-enlists (for reals, this time?).

He held his last fan meeting on July 19 at Yonsei University’s auditorium, where approximately 600 of his fans were in attendance. He played a few games and shook hands with attendees, received presents and a goodbye cake from fans (and his two main fan clubs, who came with the theme of “waiting” — for his discharge in two years, that is). Jo also sang two songs from his new digital single,(by your side like the wind) and (words said for you and me) as well as the 015B song “Now It’s Goodbye” (posted below).

Both Jo Hyun-jae and Jae Hee will enlist on August 5. Sigh, it always seem like they go off in groups, doesn’t it?

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