Jul 15, 2008

New Heart (4.5)

Like this drama though my boxset subtitles are not very good. Like the title suggest, its about cardiac surgery and it revolves around 3 main cardiac surgeons; Choi Kang Gook (Jo Jae Hyun), Lee Eun Sung (Ji Sung) and Nam Hye Suk (Kim Ming Jung).

Eun Sung and Hye Suk both applied to be residents at Kwang Hee University Hospital. Although there were the only two applicants, the new HOD of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Choi Kang Guk has high standard, and thought that they were not cut for it. Eun Sung for being graduated from a newly established medical school in the southern province, he has the 'heart' but not the 'brain power' while Hye Suk graduated with top marks from the hospital university but she doesnt have the 'heart'. The overwork residents of the hospital had other opinions, and protested against the decision, so both of them were finally accepted. It must be scary to be a resident doctor in Korea, have to live in the hospital!!!!
Choi Kang Guk was once an arrogant top surgeon of the hospital, loves the media attention. But a patient died on his table and he received a letter that the patient wrote for him beforehand, thanking him eventhough he might not survive the operation. After that he was on a downward spirals, working at some suburban hospital before the Dean of the KH hospital offered him the position. He began again as a new man, a humble doctor who only wants the best for his patients despite the regualtions and policies of the hospital. Those receive many oppositon and criticismSince Eun Sung wasn't a graduate of KH, he was looked down upon by almost everyone at the hospital, and treated unjustly. He bears it all with a smile for he dreams of being a great cardiac specialist and the hospital and Choi Kang Guk is the best.
Nam Hye Suk was treated as favorab;y by most senior doctors being the star graduate and all. She was an absolute fundamentalist and proud of herself, she always argue with patients while Eun Sung be the peacemaker and often get in trouble trying to protect her. Lee Dong Gwon (Lee Ji Hoon), a famous actor, was admitted to the Hospital for arrhythmia surgery, he was infatuated with Hye Suk ever since their elementary school days. To me, he didnt play a great part in this drama, coz clearly Hye Suk wasnt interested in him and being a guy(ahem..ahem); he was nice therefore he step back and wont fight against Hye Suk's heart. I think the writer(s) just wanna follow the flow of typical kdrama and introduce a love triangle tandem ^_^
Anyway, Hye Suk was clearly falling for Eun sung with his big heart and open smile, she starting to become a better doctor too, the one who start to cares for the patient's feeling. So both of them become a perfect team. Make me change my opinion of falling in love with ur bestfriend just like Jason Mraz's song, but I dont have male bestfriend anymore, not eversince I left primary school :( sigh! those were the days...those carefree kanak2 days

Well, this drama was about doctors who sacrifice themselves for their patient. Its not good if you are a cold-hearted doctor with only money and status in mind, but its not also healthy to be so 'bonded' with the patient as they are only doctor not god. So rule in life is, moderation is the key. What I find funny in this drama is the doctors long locks...in their busy life still have time to maintain long hair huh? Really dont like Ji Sung curly locks...why couldnt he use this hairstyles?

I dont consider Ji Sung handsome -he got this boyish look, but strong jawline - but thats not it thats making his features 'compelling (lack of a better word)...still cannot point a finger on whats 'unique' bout him.... Read he's in a relationship wit Lee Bo Young, one of my favourite actress. all the best ^_^

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