Jul 9, 2008

My Love Patzzi (3.5)

The boxset cover describe this drama as reverse cinderella story. I guess because the 'cinderella' is Yang Song Yi (Jang Na Ra) who had bad manners and temper but a true heart - what you heard from her mouth is what inside her heart. While the wicked 'step-sister' Eun Hee Won (Hong Eun Hee) is beautiful, always kind and helpful to others but inside she's malicious and greedy. They were classmates since kindergarden, and since then Hee Won always tricked and humiliated her "best friend" Song Yi who retaliated with her true temper. Everyone mistook Song Yi as the evil one while Hee Won as an angel. What I don't get it is why, why, why did Song Yi continue to trust and being friend with Hee Won? If it was me, being roomate with the deceitful friend is unbearable!
Anyway, Song Yi just got fired from her kindergarden job, Hee Won being the 'angel' she was introduced Song Yi to work at the amusement park she work at. There they met one of their childhood friends - Song Yi first-crush Kim Hyun Sung, (Kim Rae Won) - who Hee Won has "stole" when they were kids. Still with her habits of making Song Yi miserable, Hee Won tries to humiliate Song Yi which in turn make Hyun Sung sympathize with Song Yi and befriended her. Hee Won's envy get worse when the son of the president,Kang Seung Joon (Kim Jae Won) of the park fall for Song Yi when she save his life in an accident. Another thing I don't understand, why is she so envious of Song Yi who has less than hers and dislike by everybody?

Hyun Sang realised that his sympathy and friendship towards Song Yi has developed into something deeper, but since its Seung Joon she's in love with, he decided not to fight for her. Why fight a lose battle kan? Its satisfactory to see that Hee Won's sweet talks cannot fool Seung Joon no matter how hard she try to win him, he said something along the line of it's not a sin to be greedy, but being greedy to the extend of harming someone's else, in the end you might end up harming yourself. Haha...maybe being rich he's already seen his many shares of 'pengampu'. I really like the part when she sweetly advise Seung Joon for fear he will be hurt in the end, and he smirks and said aren't you Song Yi's friend, while him, she only knows briefly. If she was afraid of someone getting hurt, her concerns first must be towards her friend, not a stranger....Wakaka...high five Seung Joon!

Never like Kim Rae Won before, but here with his sad eyes looking on at the happy couples...so kesian (Haha...me, always the fighter for the underdogs). But seriously, why did Song Yi falls for Seung Joon? She said its stupid if a rich, handsome, kind guy said he loves you, and you dont love him back. Is that 'love'? But then, when she was at the end, supposed to choose between leaving with Seung Joon or staying with Hyun Sang, she choose to stay because she's happiest when she was with him. This drama makes me confuse lah...she chose her bestfriend over the love of her life? So she's not in love with Hyun Sang?

Then, there is this trend in Korean Drama where the 'bad guy' is the jilted woman (eg. Forbidden Love, Queen of The Game, Jewel In The Palace, Phoenix) .While the jilted man like Hyun Sang here are fine with just being her friend and even help Song Yi to be with Seung Joon. What? Females are greedy, deceitful and selfish while the male of the species are more giving, selfless, and truthful? Hmph!!!!..makes you wonder if the production teams consists majority of males...

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WithMyOwnEyes said...

I watched this but for me it is definitely not worth a 2nd viewing. I thought some of the acting from the main lead female was pretty weak