Aug 10, 2008

Foxy Lady (3.5)

No man is an island, entire of itself
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
if a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee.
-- John Donne

A drama that questioned "Does age matters?" Well, it might not matter to you but it matters to everyone else. Yeah...yeah, you'll say its your life, butt-off!!! But like the poem above suggest, 'no man is an island', we live in a community- unless you're willing to live in the middle of nowhere and shun everyone... Hmmm, if I could get things by ordering online and having it delivered up to my doorstep - but I'll have to pay the telephone bills, the water bills, the electricity and the gas ( I still wanna live in a lap of luxury, even if I could live without human company); I still have to meet people to install them first, and hey how do I get the money?? Farming? Haha...laughably impossible!

Back to the drama, it potrays the life of a 33 year old single female reporter of an 'adult' magazine, Go Byeong Hee (Go Hyun Jung). One day she found out she had benign uterine tumor, the same day she found out that her so-called-soulmate is gay. She drowns her sorrrow and worries by getting drunk in some out of town location. She called up her best friend Park Seung Hye (Ahn Sun Young) to get her, but she sends her younger brother Park Chul Su (Chun Jung Myung) instead.

Chul Su ,24 years old, just got back home after wandering around the world for 1-2 years, he's an excellent car mechanic, a handy man to fix thing around the house, but has no ambition whatsoever -he reasoned that way, he won't fail at anything. (Hmmm...that brought to mind the quotes, "You are a failure if onl you have fail to try" and " Failure to plan is planning to fail"). Anyway, the night he went to pick up Byeong Hee, they ended up had to stay in a motel and the drunken Byeong Hee 'attacks' him. He pushed her away several times, but what he was supposed to do when she keep on kissing him, he's only a man afterall - buaya mana yang tolak bangkai? (But to compare a carcass with a female, Grrrrr!)

Byeong Hee didnt remember everything that happened that night, so she suggest they'll just erase it from their memory altogether. Chul Su held the same opinion at first, then a good marriage prospect for Byeong Hee made an appearance and he cant ignore his heart any longer...


It turns out that he was in love with Byeong Hee all along, but because of the age difference and Byeong Hee always treated him as her own younger brother, he decided to go away, hoping that by the time he return she'll be married and have a family, and he'll get over her.... Yeah, a few years is acceptable but 9 years???? As she said when he return (while smackng his butt repeatedly), her baby had grown up to be a man, she used to change his diapers... then madly he grabs her hand and put it on his crotch, this is where you really wanna feel right? he yells, wakaka...the shocked looks on her face!

What I don't understand is the relief and happiness Chul So shows when Byeong Hee told him she wasnt pregnant...shouldnt he be dissapointed if he's really in love with her, he could use the baby as an excuse to marry her...

Another sideline story is Byeong Hee's younger sister, Go Jun Hee (Kim Eun Joo), a model. One modelling show, she met Park Byeong Gak aka Bulldog (Son Hyeon Joo) a President of a luxury brand. After that he pulls his string making her modeling career comes to a halt. He make a proposal to her, to become her 'sponsor' as long as she do as she was told, he'll make a successful model. He had no intention to make her his mistress, he just want to see her everyday because she was a dead-ringer to his deceased wife. Even though he is ignorant and crude, the spoiled and selfish Jun Hee really fall him, but the problem is he's way to old for her. I think their story is more cuter than Byeong Hee and Chul So ^_^
Anyway, if the female is older than the male; people will look badly more on the female - cradle snatcher! If the male is way older than the female; people still look more negatively on the female - gold-digger! Isnt this world just fair? People stereotyping other people easily(...hehe myself included, just cant help it!) but hey you just can't please everybody, so just please yourselves damned what other people thinks (easy to say ^_^). I like this description in at the start of the review of this drama.

"Most people probably have experienced at one time or another, searching for a pencil all over their house, only to discover they had been holding it in their hand all the while. This drama is about the process of realizing that the pencil is in your hands.This drama wants to talk about the simple truth that both love and happiness are found right beside you, right in your heart. It wants to say that if you discard your superficial defenses, just a little, you too can become happy".
Go Hyun Jung (DOB: 2 Mac 1971)

Chun Jung Myung (DOB: 29 Nov 1980)

Kim Eun Joo (DOB: 31 Aug 1985)

Soo Hyeon Joo (DOB: 24 Jun 1965)

Jo Yeon Woo (DOB: 30 May 1973)

{Byeon Hee's other love interest; a doctor, kind and thoughtful. Isn't she a bbabo? }

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