Aug 29, 2008

New Moon

Silent day today...maybe because the house next door was empty. I need to have my car cleaned, tapi malas to clean myself and to hantar to a car wash - nah, dont want to go out. I know I'll end up entering a cds shop somewhere buying either Hong Gil Dong, On Air, or Oh Pil Seung (or all!!!!) or buying some movies that I dont have any time to watch.
Anyway, just finish up New Moon today. It has such as slow beginning that it takes me weeks to finished it - one chapter at a time. Then things started to get interesting with reappearance of Jacob Black - not that he's left or anything (unlike Edward, hmph!), just that his character becomes more prominent.
See, Edward cleaned up everything and left Bella because of the incident on Bella's birthday. So young Bells become a zombie for months, that was until she decided to break her promise and live recklessly - by riding a motorcycle! She enlisted Jacob's help. It turns out his life was destined for greater purpose - protecting his people.
Then, Edward comes back into her life - oh no! and she had to choose if its Edward or Jacob - and of course she choose Edward with his coldness rather than Jacob's warmth. Well, maybe I'm prejudiced because Jacob destined to be the 'underdog' in this story - so naturally I'll take his side. Not that I hate Edward but its just he's too in control, too cold...
I never found werewolves endearing before. I remembered the movie Underworld, they depict the werewolves as worse than vampire, in that they completely transformed into an animal and lost their human instincts and feelings. But in this novel, you kinda grow fond of them... Hope Jacob have a happy ending... I'm gonna start on Eclipse now.
Oh, there's the part where Bella compares her lifestory with Romeo & Juliet. I think this Shakespear's little tragedy gotten so famous among his other works because the lead character died so young. I was never fascinated with R&J, this grand romance that they would rather be dead than live without the other. So selfish! Taking the easy way out- coward! Which makes me wonder how Meyer gonna end this syory with Breaking Dawn...would Edward turns mortal again? or would Bella turns immortal? Would they have their happy ending or died when the other died? Since this book was targetted for young adults, I dont think Meyer would want to show an example that suicide is okay if the love-of-your-life is no longer alive....
What I also found funny is 20-year-old Bella sees herself as someone responsible and cautious. She is???!!! Isnt she the one who begged (or is it forced?) for Edward to change her into a vampire - did she consider the point beyoooooooooooooond where she will spend forever with Edward? I'm intrigued by why she's immune to the vamps' special power, but apart from that she's just a normal-high-strung teenager who's obsessed with someone who is too much for her to handle.
The saleslady at BestEastern promise me that their shipment of Breaking Dawn comes next week, so give my niece a week time to read it - so that's two weeks, enough time for me to finish up Eclipse ^_^

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