May 11, 2008

Evasive Inquiry Agency (3.8)

Hmmm...this is the first time that I'm lost for words on how to describe a kdrama. Evasive Inquiry Agency aka Sloppy Inquiry Agency was not addictive that it makes you cant wait for what's next in the next episodes, but its not boring jua - coz its not your typical korean drama with its love-triangle-compliaction and stuffs.Ok, lets try a neighbourhood lived Moo Yeol (Lee Min Ki), a taekwondo instructor; Yong Soo (Ryu Seung Soo) a comic book shop owner and Hee Kyung (Ye Ji Won) a fortune teller/tarot card master. Something comes up that makes Moo Yeol and Yong Soo accompanied Hee Kyung to an abandoned basement apartment in their neighbourhood to evict the restless spirit who lived there. Accidently, they found gold bars in a leaf shaped and a corpse of a grave thief. This brought Eun Jae (Lee Eun Song) to them. Eun Jae was claustrophobic and had blocked childhood memories of that place that she wants to regain back. Her father, who owns the construction company that build the building had died when she was 10, and she become the squabble between her uncles who wants control of her fortune -thus she becomes a cold and distant person. she hired the three of them to investigate the treasure myth about the hidden gold leaves.
Moo Yeol falls in love with Eun Jae at first sight that he would do anything for her. Yong Soo is a lazybums who passes his days with no dreams nor hopes but gets involved in the gold hunting simply for fun. He actually get this way, because the prodigal son, his brother disappeared 17 years ago on his birthday to buy him a cake. His mother blames him and pushes him away, and he also blames himself and in a way punishing himself by living not to his full potential. While Hee Kyung was fake a 'ghost whisperer' and unlucky in love. During the investigation, a handsome stranger, Baek Min Chul (Park Hee Soon) comes to her rescue, and she started to date him and to later found out that he had been usin her to get inside information. But that was his initial motives, but he was starting to feel affectionate with Hee Kyung comical and klutzy ways.

To say that this drama dont have love story, it does. Its just doesnt revolve around the budding romance of Moo Yeol and Eun Jae, or Hee Kyung and Baek Min Chul. Thus are just the side dishes, the main course is the investigation which brought some 'surprising' outcomes with their orthodox way. Will they found the treasures? Can they keep it a secret from the country?
I wish that in the end, they showed that Hee Kyung will forgive Min Chul and they are together. There are something about this ajussi that even though he's a mean guy, you just sympathize with him...maybe its in his sad eyes....

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