May 7, 2008

Single Dad In Love

The drama was showing on KBS World 2, but I keep missing watching the episodes, so I planned to buy the boxset once it became available. Only the last few episodes no one dares to say its boring and changed the channel, since my mom was also watching it ^_^
Its a story of a single dad Kang Poong Ho (Oh Ji Ho), who raises his 7 year old son alone after being abandoned by his first love, Yoon So Yi (Kang Sung Yun). So Yi went to US to pursue her dream of being a pianist leaving Poong Ho and their son Kang San (Ahn Do Gyu) . By day Poong Ho works as a pest exterminator and by night he is a pugilist/boxer. Jeon Ha Ri (Heo Yi Jae), is a medical student from a wealthy family who falls for Poong Ho. She secretly teaches San, how to play the piano. As it turns out Ha Ri was the daughter of So Yi's fiancée.
When Poong Ho eventually found out this, he vowed not to see Ha Ri again, but when So Yi and her fiancee confront him and told him not to see Ha Ri, he told them he will not stop seeing Ha Ri. Fate, makes him kneel down to So Yi's fiancee, Jeon Ki Suk (Park Chan Hwan) who happens to be the best tumour surgeon when San was diagnosed with brain tumour. He promised Ki Suk then that he wont see Ha Ri again and anything else as long as the doctor save San. When So Yi showed concerned for San and gave Poong Ho some money, he mocked her, saying is her concern really for San or for herself that her fiancee gonna find her secret - San is her son.
San survived the surgery and on the road to recovery. Ki Suk who sympathize with Poong Ho's and seeing how miserable his daughter is without seeing Poong Ho and San relent and doesnt forbid them to meet. I missed the part where So Yi's secret was found out and she broke off her engagement and plan to go back to US. Then, Poong Ho realised he also have brain tumour. In the case that he won't survive the operation -he tried to make his son get closer to So Yi and accept her as his mother.
Spoiler Alert!
This is when I change my mind and wont bother to buy the boxset, they left the ending hanging!!!!! Will Poong Ho survived the operation? Will he get back with So Yi? Or will he choose Ha Ri? Arghh!!!!!!!!!!! I hate unfinished story!

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