May 19, 2008

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (3.5)

Oh Soo Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa) was popular since high school because of her beauty. She can pick anyone to marry but she choose Go Man Soo (Oh Ji Ho) - a fat guy - who has passed the two test to become a lawyer. On the day of their wedding Man Soo informed Soo Jung that he had failed the third test, but he will try again next year. However, Soo Jung decided to run away from the wedding and accept another of her beau offer - to go and study abroad with him. She called up Man Soo from the airport and when Man Soo said he will die without her, her answer was simple, 'then go to hell'.
Eight years later, Soo Jung was found running a custom made jewellery shop for an absentee owner. She was still single and looking for a suitable husband candidate. But those who met her requirement wouldnt want a 35 years old spinster, they prefer younger woman. Soo Jung found out that Man Soo had come back to Korean and was now a rich world renown golf player. Soo Jung decided to get back with the now slim and handsome Man Soo. She told him that she was still in love with him. Man Soo, knowing her materialistic tendency and was 'once bitten, twice shy' decided to test Soo Jung. He would like to find a wife who was with him for richer and poor. He hired his agent's cousin, Jung Woo Tak (Kang Sung Jin) to become his rich sponsor and to seduce Soo Jung away from him. He told Soo Jung he was in a lot of debts now. Soo Jung change face, she was so shameless that she even ask for Man Soo's help in getting to be Woo Tak's bride. Man Soo was so mad, that he told Woo Tak to get Soo Jung to agree to marry him and then abandon her in the altar, just like she did to him 8 years ago.
There is also Yook Dae Soon (Park Da An), Soo Jung's assistant and who she brought to live with her. (The first inkling that underneath the tough exterior hide a soft heart). She was at first a non-looker, always humble and then Man Soo came and being kind to her, it awaken the ambition to be his wife. I was rooting for her at the start, but when she became manipulatuve and deceitful in order to attain her goal, then sorry! she became the skinny b*%#^ who wont get her happy ending. The later half of the series start to show why Soo Jung became the cold materialistic person she was. You start to sympathize with her, identify with her, that you would do the same if in her shoes.
Hmmm...wat am i saying? That I could be like Soo Jung, hurting the person I love for money, would never be like Dae Soon, doing every underhanded things I could to get the person I love? Euwww... to simplify things like that, it doesnt sound nice
The first time I saw Oh Ji Ho was in Autumn Shower, his look is so different from other typical korean drama heroes. So dashing, so mature and then there are his dimples! Truthfully, in real life if I saw a guy with chinese/korean/japanese eyes I wont find them attractive - it's just that when they smiles, their eyes dissappear!!!! But on TV, they look fine... even super fine for some
Oh..I really like Soo Jung's younger brother (Ahn Yong Joon), he's such an adorable pest ^_^ I think he's going to be one of the top leading men in future korean drama.

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