May 15, 2008

Flowers for My Life (5)

I had no desire to buy and watch this drama when I saw it on shop's shelf. I pick up the boxset, read the synopsis and put it back. The hero had a terminal disease. I dont want to watch another sad sappy Autumn in My Heart. But then I read Dramabean's blog, on how hugh she rated this drama, how satisfying it is. So after I finished up Evasive Inquiry Agency, I called up the cds shop in Kiulap and told them to save this boxset for me ^_^ After H.I.T, I'm their most loyal customer- you couldnt find any better deals anywhere else...

The story started with Na Ha Na who since she was still young and dont know the use of money was already in love with money. Since her father run a funeral parlour, death dont affect her much, to her its just a business venture for her family. She went to Seoul in search of her fortune and there she found out the fastest way to get large sums would be to marry a young bachelor who is gonna die soon and inherit everything.Where else to handpick this bachelors but in a hospital? I love the way Hana single minded purpose and how focus she was in obtaining her goal. She study to be a nurse and there she met Yoon Ho Sang.
Yoon Ho Sang led an aimless and troublesome life. He landed his family in a poorhouse because he become a guarantor to his friend who couldnt pay up. While he's working as deliveryman, he met Wang Dae Park, a rich guy who asked him to change identity with him for awhile and stay in the hospital. But Wang Dae Park died trying to save a child that night. Not knowing the fate of the person who he was impersoanting, Ho Sang stay in the hospital and done some medical checkup. There the doctors found out that he had Pancreatic Cancer, a silent and slow killer. Before the doctor can tell him that, Ho Sang check himself out of the hospital.
Going home to met his mother, he found out that they are holding a funeral for him. His family received a house as compensation for saving a child's life. Thinking only by him being dead, that he could contribute something for his family at last, he decided to remain dead. He planned to met the girl he had a crush during his schooldays. She lived outside Seoul, Chuncheon to be exact.
Hana mistakenly thinking he was a rich guy, follows him. It turned out Chuncheon was her hometown. Several incidents led to Ho Sang have to stay and work at Hana's father funeral parlour. Also working there was Go Eun Tak, a young man with a purpose of his own. It was funny at first how the two guys trying to dump Hana on each other, but later on both fall for Hana. I do think that the second hero and heroine was much more good looking than the leads, but still I dont think it will suit them to switch roles ^_^ Its just that Kang Hye Jung looks so young that she can be mistaken for a teenager
It was touching to see even when her motives was materialistic how earnest Hana was in taking care of Ho Sang. What I really like about this drama is it just didnt potray sadness and helplessness too much. Ho Sang wasnt self-pitying himself, he was not distress. He was more worried about his loved ones that he will leave behind. At one moment it makes me laugh, and another shed tears. I dont know how to put it in words on how much I like this drama (maybe if you read Dramabeans' blog ( ) it would make more sense), or maybe I am biased because I can relate to this in real life.

Name: 차태현 / Cha Tae Hyun (Cha Tae Hyeon)
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1976-Mar-25
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg

Name: 강혜정 / Kang Hye Jung (Kang Hye Jeong)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1982-Jan-04
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 160cm
Weight: 46kg

Name: 김지훈 / Kim Ji Hoon
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: 1981-May-09
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 177cm
Weight: 61kg

Name: 공현주 / Gong Hyun Joo (Kong Hyeon Ju)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1984-Jan-07
Height: 171cm
Star sign: Capricorn

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