May 3, 2008

Three Daddies with One Mommy (Ep. 1 & 2)

I was elated when I read that Jo Hyun Jae had a new drama "Three Daddies and One Mommy". I dont care if the storyline is nice or boring, I just wanna watch it. Then I was browsing through Guides Menu @ Astro Channel and saw that this drama will replace Hang Gil Dong next week! Wah, cant wait for it!
The synopsis are "Na Young a widowed-29-old-single-mom, goes through the baby care with help of her late husband's three best friends. Na Young, born with natural optimism and somewhat recklessness, just lost her husband and depends on these three distinctive characters. Su Hyun is a competent fund manager and most successful among friends, but most narrow-minded and stingy. Gwanghee is a handsome cartoonist with good taste of fashion, but an ultimate cynic. Kyung Tae is a young and good-looking detective, but too shy to speak in front of girls. Three guys at first feel burdensome when Na Young asks for support. As time goes by, however, they start to feel a deep emotion toward the baby and to Na Young as well."

Hmmm... I think its either she dont she choose any of them, or between Su Hyun and Gwang Hee, with the winner being Su Hyun! ^_^

The Four Main characters:

Song Na-young (Eugene) is an irresistible widow dashing this way and rushing that. "I am happy as a woman? Why? 'Cause I can be a mom!" A bit strange and somewhat insecure, she makes men want to take care of her. She always is babbling and playful but after her husband's death, she feels lonely and empty without anyone she can talk to. Na-young wants to be a strong working mom and she happens on her talent to become a consultant of designing apartment buildings. (I dont know why people adore her so much? She looks so 'fake' in Save The Last Dance ...) Choi Gwang-hee (Jae Hee) is a cartoonist who likes girls but doesn't like the idea of marriage and detests children. He is a handsome but cynical guy who is fashionable, looks lonely and it seems there's something about him. So he is popular among girls. However he is full of strange ideas. He is a cynic who seeks love affairs but doesn't know true love. (Didnt make an impression in Sassy Girl Chung Hyang or Witch Yoo Hee - so I witheld my judgement for now)
Han Su-hyun (Jo Hyun Jae) is a succeeding fund manager but skinflint who wants to be the top 1% richest man. He is most successful among his friends but still has a long way to go. Step1; Searching for a millionare's daughter. Step2; Marrying her. Step3; Having an adorable daughter baby. He never loses his money and plays hard to reach his goal. But that's all gone to hell. Though he ignores poor girls, he falls in love with Song Na-young who is penniless. (Its the first time he's in a less serious role, so who cares if he's a materialistic guy here...still rooting for JHJ :P)
Na Hwang Kyung-tae (Shin Sung Rok) is a man who is a powerful detective in solving cases but trembles in front of women. "I want to get married. I want to have a baby as well. No matter what they say I am the dad. And there's no reason not to be her husband." He is hansome, but naive and shy in front of girls. Even though he likes babies and is willing to have parental leave, Na Young's baby cringes with him around. He wants to introduce Na-young and her baby to his mother as soon as possible. (Now that i see this picture I recognize him as the irresponsible asshole who leaves his girlfriend in 'Thank You')

In these two episodes it tells the story of four very best friends, Sangmin, Su Hyun, Kwanghee and Kyung Tae. Sangmin got married to Na Young (to Na Young it feels like she marry the four of them), and after three years of trying to get a baby, the blissfully married couple starting to get frustrated. Both born in a broken family- the only family Na Young have is her irresponsible father and Sangmin is his three friends- Na Young really really wanted a baby. Sangmin feels its his fault since its his sperm that was the problem, conned and blackmailed his 3 friends in their drunken state to donate their sperms - without Na Young knowledge of course. After they donated their sperms, they had come to their senses and pleaded with Sangmin not to go ahead with his plan. Sangmin promised them that he wont use their sperm-so they rest assurred. And finally the good news, Na Young is finally pregnant!
Sangmin was very tentative to his wife and began building his baby a crib and rocking horse. Then a call from his father-in-law, he had to make overnight trip without telling his wife the reason for his sudden departure. He ask his friends to look after her when he was away. Na Young was having a cold and since she is pregnant she cant take medicine, so Kyung Tae calls his mother for advise. He was told to soak a very big pear with honey and when the juices come out to give to Na Young. He calls Su Hyun and Gwang Hee who was on the wasy home to buy those things. Being stingy, Su Hyun didnt buy the most expansive pear ^_^
So at home, while Na Young was sleeping, they struggled to peel the pear as thin as possible, as to waste little and pour in the honey. When they gave it to Na Young, she complained that it was too sweet. Su Hyun feels offended then said that she should be grateful that they are taking care of her. Na Young replies that it would amke them even, since she take care and fed them many times. Su Hyun tells her then that they thought that her cooking was terrible. Na Young says that she would tell sangmin when he get back. Kyung Tae want to make amends, ask Na Young if she wishes to eat anything, they will get it for her. She then asks them to buy foods in the middle of the night. Su Hyun was the most disgruntled of the three to had to go through all this trouble for her.
Then, tragedy struck....Sangmin was killed in a car accident. All four of them was devastated. Na Young was so lucky that Sangmin had this three bestfriends who was also there for her. The three of them take care of the little details that need to be taken care of like registering for his death, closing his bank account, packing all his things in the office. It was then they found a video tape Sangmin had make for his future child, in it he recorded that he wants the baby to respect his three 'uncles' because if it wasnt for them, he/she wouldnt be did Sangmin use his own sperm or his friends????? Cant wait for next week!!!! week 'Single Daddy in Love' will be finishing...and replacing it will be 'Formidabel Opponent' with Chae Rim...oh cant wait!!!! but I might have to watch the 3am show :(

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